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Wednesday January 18, 2006 - 11:38AM EDT

This movie is the most disturbing movie I have seen in a long time. Saw II was the last horror movie I saw and that wasn't even mildly disturbing. Hostel is everything Saw II should've been. It had gore, violence, depravity, tits and much more. The most demented part about the movie is the concept of paying someone to capture people so you can torture and kill them. That was the most fucked up part about it beyond the gore and violence. This was a great horror movie. I haven't seen many great horror movies but this was one of them. Horror movies usually follow a formula that makes them predictable and cheesy. This movie said to hell with the formula and it was worth it. One of the ironic pieces of the movie was that the main character who was trying to escape was the one who killed the most people. This was actually kind of a thinking movie. It wasn't a completely mindless killfest. It even had really good tension at the end. Not the fake tension of most horror movies where you pretty much know what is going to happen. Or tension that you wind up not caring about because of some ridiculous plot trickery. This is one of the best movies I've seen this year. You can't often say that about horror. In fact this was the best horror movie I have ever seen. The only other movie that comes close for a fucked up horror concept is Psycho. I wish this movie could be considered for an Oscar. This was really a piece of really good filmmaking.



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