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Monday December 12, 2005 - 10:24PM EDT

This was a solid movie though not as enjoyable as I thought it would be. It was very broad and although it hinted at certain things it wasn't a movie that was trying to make an overtly strong stance on anything. It didn't make me think about specific things like some other movies it had me thinking more broad and big picture than usual. I just wish the movie was longer because I wanted to see more of the story. It didn't have the happy ending which was good. It left me feeling with a serious case of the bad guys won though. Which was interesting because the bad guys weren't typical bad guys. They were just people who became corrupt working within a system. Their actions weren't neccesarily evil to them. That is what is most striking about the movie. Nobody is maniacally evil. They're kind of just plodding around in their own spheres and are ignorant to the effects of their actions outside their sphere. It was a decent movie in that the picture it presented was as muddled as real life is sometimes.



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