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Friday November 25, 2005 - 1:22AM EDT

Solid movie. Enjoyable thriller. Some of the plot was painfully obvious but only if you really thought about it. Still it didn't take away from the movie if you figured out what was really going on before they revealed it. They still had some very tense moments and twist situations. I think the thing that makes a good movie like this is getting the little details right. You have to be very technical and follow all the rules to make a good thriller. You can't get away with bullshit plot twists or unbelievable occurances. Acting was solid all around. Aniston didn't have that much of a part though. Her character although integral to the story was very flat. I thought maybe they should have revealed something ugly about her character to fit in with the rest of the characters. But again I don't think it took away from the movie. I wouldn't be a too tough a critic on Aniston's role as she didn't really have that much to do. Clive Owen was good as was everyone else. It didn't seem like a formulaic thriller but it sort of was. So it follwed a basic formula but it was well done enough that you didn't notice too much. Its a fun movie that will deliver a bit more than you expect.



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