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Saw II (0)

Wednesday November 2, 2005 - 10:47AM EDT

This movie is terrible. It is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Only slightly more plausible than Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm street. In reality it is just a cheap gore flick hiding under some kind of psychological thriller mask. It deperately attempts to draw you into a taught psychological game. However by the time you get to the end the scenarios have become so unreal and so contrived that you don't care anymore. The characters start out as normal and maybe having some kind of depth to them. But quickly they become props to propel the next gory killing. I love me some gore but this isn't even that gory. Then it goes out of its way to cheat its way back into some kind of sense which then blows the whole plot apart making the whole thing make less sense. The movie is not even fun like Freddy vs. Jason. Which was much more gruesome. I just get this feeling that whoever wrote this thin is trying to make some kind of serious thriller and fails miserably. The movie is not really a horror flick because there aren't any scary parts. There is very little suspense because every outrageous act is telegraphed. It is just a bunch of setups for clever ways to kill people.



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