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The Weatherman (5)

Wednesday November 2, 2005 - 10:37AM EDT

I am begining to like these kinds of Nicolas Cage movies. Again this is not a movie for everyone. And I read reviews about how the plot is weak and whatnot. Plot here is not so important as Cage's character and his interpretation of his world. This movie may only speak to a certain group of people. Others who are looking for standard dramatic fare aren't going to find their needs fullfilled. Michael Caine gives the best acting performance of the movie by far. Nicolas Cage is solid as always and I liked the character. Just like that movie Waiting Nicolas Cage's character lurks somewhere in my psyche. I particularly liked the part where he is going to the store to pickup take-out and we get this voice-over of his thoughts as they rapidly bounce from thing to thing. I really liked the movie. This is the kind of movie where a good bit of the entertainment value is in your own thoughts about what you see on screen. Some people don't like those kinds of movies, I do. It also ended in that open-ended fashion that I have come to appreciate. The clean and tidy endings are so unreal. I like when the movie ends but the story doesn't. Reminds me of what is said about Japanese novels and what I have experienced in reading one (Kokoro, Natsume Soseki). The books ends but the story doesn't.



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