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Doom (1)

Sunday October 23, 2005 - 1:08AM EDT

What a horrifically bad movie. Plot, none. Characters, terrible. It looks like it was a lot of fun to make though because of the elaborate sets and monsters. They didn't even try with the plot though. I feel like I could have written the plot in 11th grade study hall. In fact I think I did write a Doom story in high school. I wonder where that is now? The weird part was the The Rock wasn't the main character but he was promoted as the star. I guess that is the only way they though people would see this movie. They could have went the zombie route and salvaged something decent but they didn't. This movie was just bad all around. The characters were so weak and flat it was like there wasn't even characters. Just people running around the screen. The one part that I liked about this movie was the few minutes towards the end were the movie took on the perspective of a first person shooter. It was what I imagine first person shooter games should look like in about 2 generations of consoles. Other than that I probably should have waited until this came on HBO.



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