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Two for the money (4)

Friday October 14, 2005 - 8:33PM EDT

Pacino usually is in entertaining if not solid movies. This one is both. Matthew McConaughey also is very solid as is Rene Russo. Solid offering all around. I like how it wasn't too formulaic. You could follow the story easily and it was a familiar tune but it didn't make those blatantly obvious turns. The acting is what made this movie better than what the plot gave it. The plot wasn't overly complex and didn't try to explore a lot of complex issues. The characters were clearly the centerpiece. Pacino really did a good job I thought although his character was kind of murky in some respects. If only because of the unbelievable situation of a person like him was in. I won't give away spoilers but it didn't seem to fit. This movie is definately entertaining and worth seeing if your looking for something to do.



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